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Taking care of ourselves

Why do I train, keep healthy and fit, why do I take care of myself??.. not for looks. It is of course a side affect but does not make happiness or a good life or person a beautiful. I do it for life, I do it to take care of me in turn take to care of my precious daughter. I do it so I can live my best life…Life is a blessing and an opportunity to live. I think if I want to teach Laine this I must lead by example. I am a work in progress I have many areas I work on not just fitness…. My body aesthetics will not be the example it will be my actions walked that will be her example. To her it does not matter what I look like as long as mom is kind, funny, plays and shows up and even when I fail she still loves me (i fail often). She won’t find a good person in my looks or a beautiful person for that matter. She will find it in my words, in my actions that come from my heart.

@Ashleyhorner You can set rules, tell them to be kind, work hard and love others… but if you’re not practicing it yourself then you can’t expect for them to understand even the simplest principles you set for them.

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