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Summer shred 21 x with
People often look at me and say hey she got it easy, it comes natural to her the fitness. It is easy to place a judgement on another when you do not walk in someones shoes. Here I am training with Laine. I do not show my complete training often just snippets so that is why you do not see this bundle of joy in all my workouts. But this is often how my workout looks. A lot people say I do not have time my child is with me. I say like @carleebyoga the magnificent does with her yoga with her beautiful children, our children are not an excuse, our reason why we cant. they are our reason to train and be our best a role model that you can do things, because they only listen when you are the actionable example, not words. Many people say I do not have enough time or the perfect equipment or I am tired. I say I do not have free 30 or 60 mins for just me but I have time. I get up at 5am and I finish my training when Laine is awake, make up exercises when I do not have the equipment. I have to take care of myself to be able to take care of her. Nobody has it easy, keeping fit for now four years after Laine has been a real struggle. My motivation is not always there but my good habits are there to pick me up when I fail to want to train. Four years no excuses I continue to train when many people quit training eating healthy in the first few weeks of their fitness goals… so try not quitting your fitness goals for 4 years. Being a new mom in foreign countries with no language or family was hard. Traveling to Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Australia and Austria with a child, no help was hard. But I did it because at the end of the day it is my choice what I can and cant do and yours too. It is hard to take responsibility, it is hard to do the things we want but the value of them out ways any regret no matter how many struggles we have along the way. Believe in you, look after you, live your dreams and intentions not your regrets and excuses because this is one life no second chances. Make it all you can.


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