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What a cruel scheme it is to keep a woman knowing her true power. To put the focus on what pregnancy has done to here body rather than focus on what her body just did.
People are comparing themselves to photoshopped pictures. Unreal people. We are looking at photos of real people digitally enhanced and therefore these actors and celebrities no longer exist. These actors and celebrities and we ourselves are pressured into thinking we will never be enough as we are unless we are computer enhanced. We need to as a collective society change our definition of beauty and take responsibilities as humans to not buy into this behaviour but also not speak the way we do about ourselves and each other about our physical features in the media, in society and every day interactions of life including ourselves in the mirror.

I would like everyone to understand “you are beautiful exactly the way you are”. I would like to remind you, you can do it. You can do awesome things just as you are. And I would also like you all to remember the best gift we give someone including ourselves is the permission to feel safe in their/our own skin. To feel we and they are enough.


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