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Live your dreams not your excuses

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I am not naturally flexible. I am not naturally strong. I am not natural at anything I do, I work hard, I fail and I learn and grow. My handstand work is three years of showing up every day even when I do not want to, no teacher just me at home.

People look at others and think they have it easier. But nobody has it easier, some just show up for their goals more than their excuses.

Some also show up in some areas of life more than others. Stop beating yourself up for things you are not and putting people on a pedal stool of they have it easier for things they can do and you cant do. Stop focusing on all your problems are start focusing on all your opportunities of change. Nobody has it easier everyone works hard. My life is hard for me, but others have it even harder and do even more than me.

About me:
I learnt all my yoga, pole dancing and fitness at home alone on my mat.
I have only been to one yoga class in my life. I am self taught.
I do not have a nanny or family near by to care for my daughter while I trained.
I have lived in Austria, Saudi Arbaia, Australia and now Switzerland in the last 4 years and still remained fit and working on my goals without a gym.
I get up most mornings at 5am after going to bed at between 10-12 at night
I do not have money to eat all organic. I just eat healthy.
I have hard days, cellulite, wrinkles and all sorts of society labelled flaws but thats okay, they dont stop me learning and growing.
Does it look easy for me?
I have many other problems but fuck em… I also got a whole lot of awesomeness, blessings, opportunities and good stuff too and that is where my focus goes.

I just dont focus on all my obstacles. I focus on all the reasons I can and why I must because I am the only person that can chase my dreams, make myself happy and make my life better. I have to step over my ego of excuses and have the courage to stand up to my own self doubt, fear and negativity. Life is not meant to be easy but it can be fun and you can be happy and you can live your dreams instead of your excuses and regrets. Stop showing up for your cants and excuses and start showing up for your dreams and you.
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