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Learning growing being you

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People always ask how do I get strong, flexible, learn to do X, get fit etc…. honestly by showing up, not because I have perfect conditions, not because I have a teacher. I am self taught… I learn by play. This society has gotten so caught up in you must have the best clothes, teacher, equipment etc and forgotten learning isn’t about that learning is about choosing something you love and then growing with it as you play just like a child. In the old days we learnt to swim by our parents or going to the pool and playing as most other sports..:. Teachers are great and they help immensely and are required but what I am saying is if you don’t have the money like me to afford them, gift of time like many of us or whatever other obstacle it doesn’t have to stop you just go for it where you are and with what you have. You can still learn and grow so much. There are amazing videos on Instagram, YouTube @codyapp and the internet that can help you until your circumstances change… that’s how I learnt and am learning still and so can you. Find the reasons you can, not your cants, show up for you, not your excuses. Stop thinking that people have it easier than you because chances are they don’t or could in fact be worse… we don’t learn things because it’s easy, we do it because it’s worth it… life is short live it don’t let it pass you buy, don’t accrue regrets and complaints like they are accomplishments…. live life fully get down and dirty for your dreams, accrue mistakes like stepping stones to build your stairs to your castle of dreams in the sky. That’s all I’m doing


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