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Artichokes during Pregnancy

Did you know that including artichokes in your diet while pregnant may be very beneficial for your baby?

Choline, provided in the artichoke may help our baby with long-lasting effects on the ability to learn and remember. According to the BabyCenter website, researchers have found that choline may provide some resistance to mental illness in addition to protecting your newborn against neural tube defects.

Artichoke is also rich in folate which is best known for its effect in preventing “spina bifida” and neural tube defects. It also helps protect our baby from deformities in the skull and brain.

Artichoke is  an excellent source of magnesium, which is another important mineral during pregnancy. A magnesium rich diet prevents fluid retention, leg cramps and restless legs during pregnancy.

Artichoke is low in fat and cholesterol-free, and this can help monitor excessive weight gain and a protect our heart.

You can cook them whole and slip each leaf petal through your teeth to reveal the delicious heart or you can use them in stir-fries, pasta dishes and dips.

Low in calories, fat, sugar and sodium and high in fiber and important nutrients, artichokes are good for you and your growing baby.