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Coffee Talk – Meditation

Meditation is not about suppressing thoughts. Instead meditation is about allowing the mind to settle on its on terms, in its own time, which includes allowing thoughts to arise as and when they want, whatever they maybe. Over time with practice; just like working out, over time with practice your body becomes fitter and stronger and so does your mind. As the mind becomes more deeply settled, the thoughts will slow down and eventually go from being a rock concert loud and over energising to a beautiful calming placid trickle of water noises slowly evening out into a placid lake. Over many hours of practice the mind can learn to quiet down on demand, but that does not come from suppressing the process of thinking, instead it comes from learning to give the mind a chance to do its thing and settle on its own terms.

The snow globe analogy.
Our minds often behave a lot like snow globes. As soon as we move & pick them up to examine them, we notice how “stirred up” things start to become inside them.When we take notice and examine our own minds, our thoughts, feelings, and sensations often appear to be swirling around much like the unsettled flakes (glitter) of the snow globe. To clearly recognize (distinguish) what’s happening in our own minds, we have to allow things to settle.

The first thing we need to do is to still the body, so we can still our mind. When we set the snow globe down- now we can simply observe its flakes settle. It is through our watchful observation- our non-disturbing attention that things can settle down naturally. It may not take long in the snow globe the way it does in our mind, but we also can’t make either settle without being still ourselves. We need to exercise patience (forbearance) by taking time to let the mind settle.

After your snow globe has become clear & settled, pick it up again and shake it. As best you can, see if you can follow just one of the pieces of glitter or a single snow flake as it drifts downward in the globe. Be aware of your breath as you watch the “storm” (turbulence) in the globe calming itself. If you lose track of your little piece of glitter or flake, simply find another to watch swirl until it settles. As you watch, let your mind settle itself.

When your globe settles, “check in” with your mind. Is it more settled than before? Try lifting and swirling the globe again…


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